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3D Smart Bluetooth Phone Stabilizer


Create stunning and visually-appealing photos and videos!

Get high-quality and professional photos and videos with just your phone!


The 3D Smart Bluetooth Phone Stabilizer is a convenient device that is going to take the photos and videos you take from your smartphone an extra mile. It has multiple functions like slow motion and time lapse as well as the ability to tilt, roll, and rotate. You're going to get the perfect shot from any angle at any lighting condition from any distance. It's the perfect device to have if you want to create lasting memories!

You simply attach your phone onto the 3D Smart Bluetooth Phone Stabilizer and toggle with the controls to switch between functions and abilities. Our package comes with a user manual that you can use to figure the device out. It lasts for up to twelve (12) hours on a single charge, so feel free to take it with you on hikes, field trips, holidays, and more! Look back on some awesome memories with this device.


  • FUNCTIONAL: This product has a variety of functions that include slow motion, panoramas, timelapse, hyperlapse, sport mode, and more. Feel free to experiment and see just how talented this 3D Smart Bluetooth Phone Stabilizer is! You'll be able to get some cool photos and videos out of this and create lasting memories.
  • PRECISE: The 3D Smart Bluetooth Phone Stabilizer is highly intelligent and knows just what to focus on and how to best highlight it. It does this with its unique features that allow it to tilt, rotate and roll around. Get the perfect shot every single time with this amazing gadget.
  • SMOOTH: The 3D Smart Bluetooth Phone Stabilizer is the optimal device you need if you're taking shots and videos from your phone. This product provides smooth and real-time output and the results don't look clunky at all no matter how fast you're moving! This is the perfect device if you're looking to take photos or videos while you are on-the-go.
  • VERSATILE: The 3D Smart Bluetooth Phone Stabilizer works on a variety of phones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and so many more brands. Just make sure that your phone fits within the specifications listed!


  • 1 x 3D Smart Bluetooth Phone Stabilizer
  • 1 x USB
  • 1 x product manual


  • Measurement: 12.91 x 4.84 x 4.13" (32.8 x 12.3 x 10.5 cm)
  • Weight: 1.10 lb (500 g)
  • Smartphone Dimensions: 2.56 to 3.29" (6.5 to 8.2 cm)
  • Running Time: 12 hours
  • Charging Time: 5 hours
  • Rotation Range: 330°
  • Tilt Range: 325°
  • Roll Range: 180°