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90° Corner Clamp
90° Corner Clamp

90° Corner Clamp

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Having trouble holding a handful of joints that you can't even secure them with only your two trusty hands? 😰

Our 90° Corner Clamp can definitely give you the helping hand you need! ✊👋


This trusty clamp is your absolute buddy in holding assemblies like cabinets, drawers, and cases together to ensure a strong and tight fit. It even helps you align the edges accurately! 💪

Get our 90° Corner Clamp today and make that secure fit!



  • Highly Performing on 90° corners and "T" joints: Our 90° Corner Clamp is a strong and durable corner clamp that gives you the helping hand when holding down corners and "T" joints when assembling them and securing it with bolts and nuts. This clamp will definitely help you align edges of pieces to ensure accurate assembly.
  • 1 inch Maximum Capacity: This clamp with its V-wedge jaws gives an accurate stronghold on edge pieces regardless of the material up to 1" thick. 
  • Easy To Use: Our 90° Corner Clamp is easy to operate as all you have to do is squeeze the clamp handles to initially clamp edges securely then leaves both of your hands free to work on attaching the bolts and nuts on it. 




  • Product Material: 420 Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy + Plastic
  • Product Size: 9.05 x 4.33 x 5.31 in
  • Product Weight: 645 g 
  • Package Dimensions: 8.98 x 4.49 x 3.46 in



1 x 90° Corner Clamp