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Adhesive Sweat Pads
Adhesive Sweat Pads
Adhesive Sweat Pads
Adhesive Sweat Pads
Adhesive Sweat Pads

Adhesive Sweat Pads

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Need help hiding those sweat stains?

These are going to save you from embarrassing moments!



If you're prone to sweating a lot or just live in temperate climates, the Adhesive Sweat Pads are going to be a life-saver. They're stuck onto the inside of your clothes and absorb all the sweat you accumulate throughout the day so they won't show from the outside! Have a worry-free day and night with these Adhesive Sweat Pads.




  • CONVENIENT: Prone to having sweat stains? We know how embarrassing that can get. These Adhesive Sweat Pads prevent sweat stains from occurring no matter how much it absorbs and how long they've been worn!
  • EASY TO APPLY: Simply peel off the sticky part of the Adhesive Sweat Pads and fold them over the armpit region of your clothesno hassle and no fuss!
  • UNOBTRUSIVE: The Adhesive Sweat Pads cannot be seen from the outside. They're also incredibly soft to the touch and will not irritate your skin and leave no residue. It will both feel and look as if you're not wearing them at all.
  • VERSATILE: The Adhesive Sweat Pads work on most, if not all, fabrics—cotton, silk, wool, etc. They're also gender-neutral so people of all genders can wear them with no problem.
  • DISPOSABLE: Simply discard used pads after every use.


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  • 20/30/40 x Adhesive Sweat Pads


  • Measurement

  • Material: cotton