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Anti-Insect Car Window Cover


Tired of insects getting inside your car?

Don't you just wish you could enjoy the cool breeze without them flying in?



The Anti-Insect Car Window Cover is just what you need. This mesh cover is stretched over your car door and window as a protection against any pesky insects that want to come in. Once installed, you're free to enjoy the fresh air while on a drive without worrying about anything!




  • EXTRA PROTECTION: As the name suggests, the Anti-Insect Car Window Cover is your ultimate protection against insects inside the car. The product is made of tightly-woven mesh fabric that ensures nothing can get past it! This fabric can also protect you against the harsh rays of the sun and lessens heat inside the car.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Simply slip the Anti-Insect Car Window Cover over the open door and secure with the Velcro straps. It is made of stretchy, flexible mesh fabric so it should just slip right on. This product is also easy to fold and tuck into your glove compartment when not in use.
  • PERFECT FIT: The Anti-Insect Car Window Cover is compatible with most, if not all, car windows! It does not matter if you own a sedan, an SUV, or a pick-up truckthis window cover should fit perfectly.
  • UNOBTRUSIVE: Its unique two-layer design stretches over the door itself and not the actual car window. This means that opening and closing the window is still very much possible. It is also transparent enough that you can see through it with no problem!


  • 2/4/6/10 x Anti-Insect Car Window Cover


  • Measurement
    • Front Window: 19.68" to 29.5" (49.99 x 118.87 cm)
    • Rear Window: 23.03" to 46.8" (58.50 x 118.87 cm)
  • Material: mesh fabric