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Cat Self-Groomer


We've got something special that is absolutely purr-fect for your feline friend!

This handy little brush is comfortable, stress-relieving, and clean all at once!


The Cat Self-Groomer is a grooming brush that you can install anywhere in your house. The package comes with two screws for you to install it with, and a bag of catnip you can use to entice your kitty to come play. Not only is it extremely comforting and soft to the touch, it also helps you with the grooming because your cat will be rubbing all of its loose hair right onto the bristles!

The brush itself can be detached so you can easily pick the hairs off and give it a wash every once in a while. The Cat Self-Groomer is sure to make grooming a lot easier for you as it allows your cat to groom themselves any time they'd like. Simply install the product level to your cat's height, insert a bit of catnip for some motivation, and watch as your cat gets absolutely enticed by it!


  • SELF-GROOMING: The Cat Self-Groomer actually helps you and your cat out by removing loose hair with the bristles. This will certainly help keep your house clean for a little while longer!
  • STRESS-RELIEVING: We all know how cats absolutely love getting touchy-feely. It's their way of marking their territory, claiming things as their own, and it just generally feels good to them. The Cat Self-Groomer allows your kitties to relieve stress anytime they want!
  • ATTRACTIVE: The Cat Self-Groomer comes with a little pocket on the back that you can actually use to place a bit of catnip in there. Your cat will be rubbing its fluffy all over our product in no time!
  • SAFE: This product is made with high-quality ABS plastic that is completely safe for your cats to play with. The bristles are comfortable to the touch and will not harm your cats at all!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The brush can be removed from the hanger for faster clean-up. Simply slide the brush off, remove the hair and maybe give it a little rinse afterwards, and let dry before placing it back on the brush.


  • 1 x Cat Self-Groomer
  • 1 x catnip bag
  • 2 x screws


  • Measurement: 5.12 x 3.54" (13 x 9 cm)
  • Material: plastic