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Cockroach Baiting Gel
Cockroach Baiting Gel
Cockroach Baiting Gel
Cockroach Baiting Gel

Cockroach Baiting Gel

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Have you been suffering in silence with a roach infestation in your home? 

It's time to put an end to that! ✊

Our Cockroach Baiting Gel will help you completely eradicate the roach infestation in your home in just 7 days! 😮

This gel insecticide comes with a ready-to-use syringe system to ensure a precise application in hard-to-reach areas of your home where infestations usually start. 

Hurry and end your roach infestation suffering by grabbing our Cockroach Baiting Gel today! 



  • Syringe System: Our Cockroach Baiting Gel features an easy syringe system to allow users a precise placement of the product especially those hard-to-reach nesting areas of cockroaches. 
  • Non-hazardous, Eco-Friendly: This baiting gel has a 2.5% roach killing component that does not only effectively kill pests but delays its time of death making it a safer and less toxic method as compared to other insecticides on the market. 
  • Domino Killing Effect: Our Cockroach Baiting Gel is a powerful gel insecticide that works through a domino effect where it does not only kill the cockroaches that are mainly exposed with it but also kills those through secondary poisoning. In this manner the cockroach nest will completely be eradicated. 


  • Product Form: Gel
  • Product Weight: 10 g


1 x Cockroach Baiting Gel