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Colorful Pill Dispenser


Tired of having your pills just laying around?

Sick of having to rummage through all your tablets just to find what you need?



The Colorful Pill Dispenser is certainly a fun way of organizing your medication. It's in a fruit-shaped design that is sure to catch anyone's attention! Featuring seven compartments for each day of the week, this product is a great way of keeping track of your medications and remembering to take them every day!




  • EASY TO USE: Simply pop the top off the Colorful Pill Dispenser and arrange your various pills in each compartment. When you're ready to consume your pills, simply pull down the opening on one end of the dispenser and slide your pills out! To rotate, press the center button and repeat the same instructions. Simple, eh?
  • PORTABLE: Having a lot of containers for your pills and tablets can be exhausting. It can also take up way too much space in your handbag or backpack! The Colorful Pill Dispenser is small, compact, and can be easily stored anywhere.
  • ORGANIZING: The Colorful Pill Dispenser has seven small compartments for each day of the week. You can keep track of the pills you've already taken, pills you only need to take on certain days of the week, and pills that need to be refilled with this handy organizer.
  • AESTHETIC: Aren't they so vibrant and cute? The Colorful Pill Dispenser comes in three fun fruits that is sure to add a pop of color. You can choose from green lemon, pink pomelo, and mandarin orange!




  • 3 x Colorful Pill Dispenser


  • Measurement

  • Material: plastic