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Comfy Calming Pet Bed


We only want the best for you and your precious pets.

Give your furry friends a luxurious pet bed with this amazing product!

The Comfy Calming Pet Bed is a soft and reassuring cushion that will make your pets feel so safe and so secure. It is made with long fleece plush that is so unbelievably comfy you'll be wishing we made human-sized versions of it! This pet bed features a wide rim that blankets your pets and make them feel nice and warm and toasty.

This Comfy Calming Pet Bed comes in a variety of colors and sizes for the absolute perfect fit. It does not matter if you own dogs, cats, rabbits, or even ferrets! This product is perfect in every possible way. It looks good anywhere in the home and will make your pets' lives so much better. After all, we only want the best for our pets!


  • COMFORTABLE: The Comfy Calming Pet Bed is made entirely out of long fleece plush that is incredibly soft and comforting to the touch. The rim around the product also acts as a sort of barrier and makes your furry friend feel safe and protected. Your pet is definitely to have a good night's sleep with this luxury pet cushion!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The Comfy Calming Pet Bed is remarkably easy to carry around. You will have no issues moving this around the house so your pet can be comfortable anytime, anywhere.
  • STYLISH: The Comfy Calming Pet Bed features an elegant, one-color design that is chic and blends well with any sort of furniture. It looks just like a fluffy rug!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: While this product is both washing machine and dryer friendly, we would still recommend that you hand wash this product as it is the best way of completely eliminating stains and odor. Don't worry, it's not too hard to clean it at all!


  • 1 x Comfy Calming Pet Bed


  • Measurement
    • S:23.62" (60 cm)
    • M:31.50" (80 cm)
    • L:39.37" (100 cm)
  • Material:long fleece plush