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EZ Craft Instamorph Plastic
EZ Craft Instamorph Plastic
EZ Craft Instamorph Plastic

EZ Craft Instamorph Plastic

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Love creating arts and crafts? 

🤩 Our EZ Craft Instamorph Plastic is the perfect tool you can mold to create the most awesome crafts you can think of! 🤩

 These polyester thermoplastic pellets acts like clay when warm but acts like a strong plastic when it cools down. Unlike other moldable products, these polymorph plastic pellets can be reheated and morphed over and over again allowing you to modify your craft and perfect it! 😱👍

Hurry! Grab a bag of our EZ Craft Instamorph Plastic and start creating the best crafts, model reliefs, or custom parts of your choice!


  • Moldable: Our EZ Craft Instamorph Plastic are lightweight polyester thermoplastic pellets that are melted in order to be stretched, squeezed, and morphed into whatever craft you want it to be. 
  • Strong and Reusable: This polymorph plastic can be reheated and melted over and over again especially if you are being meticulous over the craft you are creating. 
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Our EZ Craft Instamorph Plastic is a fun crafting tool that is safe to use among peers and even with kids as long as with the proper supervision. 




  • Product Material: Polyester Thermoplastic
  • Melting Point: 150°F
  • Net Weight: 50g / 100 g






1 x Bag of Craft Easy Polymorph Moldable Plastic (in the quantity of choice)