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Disposable Strainer Bags
Disposable Strainer Bags
Disposable Strainer Bags
Disposable Strainer Bags

Disposable Strainer Bags

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Keep your kitchen sink clean and clog-free!

It's an easy way of getting rid of food waste properly.


The Disposable Strainer Bags are useful kitchen items that'll help keep your kitchen tidy. They are made with sturdy PE material and are meant to filter out any liquid from your food waste and protecting your sink from food particles that can potentially clog it. You simply arrange the strainer bag in your kitchen sink so that it stands upright, and it is ready to be used!

Simply pour down your leftovers and food waste and the Disposable Strainer Bags should be able to catch it. After which, you can totally just pack up and throw away in your bin! It's made to be convenient and disposable so you can clean your kitchen up in no time at all.


  • SELF-SUPPORTING: These Disposable Strainer Bags stand up on their own, so all you really need to do with them is expand them enough for it to stand. Then, you can pour down your food waste from pans, plates, and pots without having to touch the bag at all!
  • CONVENIENT: Once the food waste has been strained. simply close off the top of the Disposable Strainer Bags and dispose of it in your bin. It'a quick and simple way of cleaning up in the kitchen!
  • CLEAN: These Disposable Strainer Bags prevent your kitchen sink from getting blocked by filtering out large food items that can potentially cause clogging. It has various small holes around the bag that let the water seep out while the food remains inside.
  • LARGE-CAPACITY: Made with thick PE material, the Disposable Strainer Bags are thick and sturdy. They can hold quite an amount of food waste so you can probably just use one of these per day!


  • 30 x Disposable Strainer Bags


  • Measurement: 10.04 x 7.68 x 0.39" (25.5 x 19.5 x 1 cm)
  • Material: PE