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Double-Sided Frying Pan
Double-Sided Frying Pan
Double-Sided Frying Pan
Double-Sided Frying Pan

Double-Sided Frying Pan

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Cooking is such an easy experience with this amazing product!

This is a very effective and efficient way of preparing delicious meals.


The Double-Sided Frying Pan is a gadget that you're definitely going to want in your kitchen. They are essentially two frying pans attached together with a strong magnetic seal, and with this you can actually roast and bake in addition to grilling and frying because of its superior thermal conductivity.

It also saves you some washing up and cleaning as you can just turn the pan over if you need to flip your foodyou no longer have to use spatulas, ladles, and risk having food stains all over your stove and counter top!

Without a doubt, the Double-Sided Frying Pan makes for a cleaner experience with the added bonus of making your meals more delectable and yummy!


  • SPLATTER-FREE: The Double-Sided Frying Pan features magnetic locks on both sides of the pan to ensure that nothing spills out while you're cooking your food. This means that you can keep your kitchen free from oil spills and food stains!
  • EFFICIENT: The Double-Sided Frying Pan features allow for good thermal conductivity, making cooking much faster and easier. It decreases the time you spend for cooking and also makes you use less cooking oil.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The Double-Sided Frying Pan is easy to clean after every use by hand washing with simple water and dish soap. You can also place this product in the dishwasher!
  • SMOKE-FREE: Because of this product's tight seal, the Double-Sided Frying Pan actually locks in moisture for more delectable dishes. This also keeps unwanted smoke and odor from escaping and going around your kitchen.
  • VERSATILE: You can cook a variety of dishes with this amazing product! You can use it for grilling, roasting, frying, baking, and so much more!


  • 1 x Double-Sided Frying Pan


  • Measurement: 11.02 x 8.74" (28 x 22.2 cm)
  • Material: aluminum