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Double-Sided Frying Pan
Double-Sided Frying Pan
Double-Sided Frying Pan
Double-Sided Frying Pan
Double-Sided Frying Pan
Double-Sided Frying Pan

Double-Sided Frying Pan

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Make flipping food a breeze!

No master chef skills required. 😉

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The Double-Sided Frying Pan is a hybrid of all your kitchen gadgets in one — a pan, oven, pressure cooker, electric grill, and fryer!

It's essentially two nonstick pans combined. Just close the lid and flip the pan upside down for a more evenly cooked concoction.

Enjoy a better kitchen experience and get our Double-Sided Frying Pan today!


🥘 PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of Superior Quality Food-grade Aluminum with non-stick coating. Durable and sturdy. It can be safely used in gas stoves and induction cookers.

🧇 DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN: Great to flip and cook on both sides while maintaining heat and moisture. Make your dishes extra tasty and delicious!

🍖 NON-STICK & SMOKELESS: Ideal for grill and fry lovers. Easy cooking, no smoke in the kitchen, and effortless cleanup.

🍲 EFFICIENT: Cook food 90% faster and without oil splatter! Its silicone-lined edges keep any heat, grease, or liquids from escaping during the flipping process.

🍝 GRILL MARK: Perfect for grilling and frying, giving both sides that perfect golden brown color, crust and flavor.

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🥩 MAGNETIC HANDLE: The pans stick together and keep your food in place. Meals with a lot of moving or liquid parts are a lot easier to manage when they can be flipped with one fluid motion.


✅ Material: Pressurized aluminum, non-stick coating
✅ Outer Coating: Ceramic, anti-scratch
✅ Measurement: 12.6 x 18.1 x 3.3" 


1 x Double-Sided Frying Pan