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Hands-Free Microfiber Mop
Hands-Free Microfiber Mop
Hands-Free Microfiber Mop
Hands-Free Microfiber Mop

Hands-Free Microfiber Mop

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Looking for a new and more efficient way of keeping the house squeaky clean?

This amazing mop will get your house cleaned in no time at all.


The Hands-Free Microfiber Mop is the answer to your every cleaning need. This mop features two microfiber cloths that are attached to the bottom. These cloths are extremely absorbent and will mop your floor completely dry in absolute seconds! It is pretty wide and covers a lot of ground in one go, and the best part about this experience is that all you have to do to clean it off is push it down with the handle. This makes the attached bracket squeeze the dirty water for you so you can keep your hands clean.

It's pretty sleek, too. This means that storage won't be a hassle at all. It's perfect for when you're trying to save some valuable space in your house.

Grab one for yourself now!


  • HANDS-FREE: Remove any residual dirt and water from your Hands-Free Microfiber Mop by simply pressing down the edge of the mop with the handle. This should allow the bracket to squeeze everything out for you so you won't have to. Enjoy a much cleaner experience!
  • EFFICIENT: With the Hands-Free Microfiber Mop's flexible handle, you'll be able to reach all the nooks and crannies of your home. Keeping the entire house clean has never been easier.
  • TIME-SAVING: The Hands-Free Microfiber Mop covers more area to clean, saving you a lot of time cleaning when compared to a traditional mop. The microfiber is also highly absorbent, lessening the need to mop multiple times. All it takes is one swipe and your floor is totally clean and dry!
  • EASY TO STORE: The Hands-Free Microfiber Mop is actually stored while standing up, so it will not take up too much space in your home at all. It is also quick-dry for your convenience. It is the perfect cleaning device to have in small spaces like apartments and dormitories.


  • 1 x Hands-Free Microfiber Mop
  • 2 x clothing pads


  • Measurement: 47.24 x 15.75 x 4.72" (120 x 40 x 12 cm)
  • Material: microfiber, ABS