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Hole Drilling Bit Set
Hole Drilling Bit Set
Hole Drilling Bit Set
Hole Drilling Bit Set
Hole Drilling Bit Set

Hole Drilling Bit Set

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This drill set is a valuable addition to any set of tools!

This can be used for gardening, repairing, woodworking, and so much more!



The Hole Drilling Bit Set is a set of ten (10) easy-to-install drill bits that are great for puncturing through even the toughest of materials. They are made with stainless steel and electroplated diamond that can go through things like wood, marble and ceramic like it's butter. This is definitely something every handyman needs!

Grab the Hole Drilling Bit Set for yourself today!




  • CLEAN: Make clean and precise holes through your materials with the Hole Drilling Bit Set! These bits have been coated with diamond to ensure utmost precision when it comes to drilling. It's so sharp that it will not affect the integrity and durability of the surrounding area at all!
  • EASY TO USE: The Hole Drilling Bit Set is so easy to use that even beginners would be able to use them. Attach the bits to your drill and ensure it's been firmly stuck on. Then, turn on the drill and start drilling at a slight angle. Once a decently-sized hole has been made, drill in a totally vertical or horizontal position until the drill completely goes through.
  • VERSATILE: The Hole Drilling Bit Set can be used on a variety of widely-used materials. This works on wood, ceramic, marble, glass, granite, and so much more! This is a fantastic device to add to any toolbox.
  • DURABLE: The Hole Drilling Bit Set was definitely built to last. It is made with stainless steel that is highly-resistant to rust and is coated with electroplated diamond that will remain as sharp as ever even after years of constant use! For longer life it is ideal to use water lubrication.
  • VERSATILE: The Hole Drilling Bit Set comes with ten (10) different sizes. These work in a variety of projects and activities from repairs to gardenwork to woodwork! This is a set that is definitely a good value for your money.




  • Measurement
    • 0.31 x 1.97" (0.8 x 5 cm)
    • 0.39 x 1.97" (1 x 5 cm)
    • 0.47 x 1.97" (1.2 x 5 cm)
    • 0.55 x 1.97" (1.4 x 5 cm)
    • 0.63 x 1.97" (1.6 x 5 cm)
    • 0.71 x 1.97" (1.8 x 5 cm)
    • 0.79 x 1.97" (2 x 5 cm)
    • 0.87 x 1.97" (2.2 x 5 cm)
    • 0.98 x 1.97" (2.5 x 5cm)
    • 1.97 x 1.97" (5 x 5 cm)
  • Material: electroplated diamond, steel




  • 10 x Hole Drilling Bit Set