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Leather Restoration Cream
Leather Restoration Cream
Leather Restoration Cream
Leather Restoration Cream
Leather Restoration Cream
Leather Restoration Cream

Leather Restoration Cream

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Easiest way to restore faded and scratched leather!

Make your furniture look new and shine again with our Leather Restoration Cream. 💯😉

Leather Recoloring Balm – pattytools

It quickly repairs burns, holes, rips, and gouges on leather surfaces with a long-lasting, flawless effect. 

Leather Restoration Balm – | Leather restoration, Leather repair,  Vinyl repair

If you’ve got an old leather handbag you’d like to furnish with a few stubborn scrapes or a worn-out couch that’s cracked at the surface from neglect, this Leather Restoration Cream is the precision fixer-upper you need!

Advanced Leather Repair Gel - Not sold in stores 

Get professional-quality restoration without spending bucks on crazily expensive repair shops. Enjoy yours today! 😉


⭐ RESTORE YOUR LEATHER — It works great for restoring color to areas that have been exposed to sunlight or direct heat, pet scratches, and faded areas. Absorbs quickly into the leather so it will not rub off onto your clothes.

⭐ VERSATILE — From scratched car seats to faded purses, the Leather Restoration Cream can be used as a leather repair kit alternative.

⭐ WIDE APPLICATION — Perfect for all leather, as it adjusts the color easily and fixes all damages. Use it on your furniture, car seats, sofa, bag, and more.

Leather Restoration Cream
⭐ SAFE TO USE — Our Leather Restoration Cream comes in the form of a paste and doesn't contain any harmful ingredients.

Leather Repair Cream
⭐ EASY TO USE — With just one use, every crack, scratch, or gap will be gone! 


Step 1: Clean the damaged leather.
Step 2: Apply the Leather Restoration Cream to the area and let it dry.
Step 3: Scrub the damaged area with sandpaper to scrape off the damaged parts and excess dried cream to make a smooth, flat surface.
Step 4: Leave it to dry. You may also use a blow dryer for faster drying.
Step 5: If there are damaged spots left, repeat the process until the leather is fully restored.

Leather Restoration Cream – Hey Specials



  • Net Weight: 70 g / 0.15 lb 


1 x Leather Restoration Cream