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Lucid Dream Mask
Lucid Dream Mask
Lucid Dream Mask
Lucid Dream Mask
Lucid Dream Mask
Lucid Dream Mask
Lucid Dream Mask
Lucid Dream Mask
Lucid Dream Mask
Lucid Dream Mask
Lucid Dream Mask

Lucid Dream Mask

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ūüõŹ This product will keep you in a great mood every morning you wake up!¬†ūüĆē

Lucid Dream Mask ‚Äď Brilla Store

 In the past, dreams were treated as windows into our subconscious, offering valuable guidance and insight. Modern research has since confirmed that lucid dreams can lead to better moods, reduced stress, enhanced problem-solving skills, and increased creativity. In this current day and age, dreaming is just considered an afterthought & just a weird occurrence with no significance in our daily lives.

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This Lucid Dream Mask is created to reintroduce people to the benefits of dreaming. Using gentle, customizable light signals, our Dream Mask not only increases dream recall and vividness but helps unlock the world of lucid dreaming.

What Theoretical Basis does Lucid Dream Mask Have?

1. Recall
This Lucid Dream Mask's light signals promote better dream recall by seamlessly introducing tiny gaps of consciousness that link the dreaming mind.
2. Clarity
These same gaps allow you to carry some of that mindful, waking consciousness with you as you re-enter your still-in-progress dream. Your mind will be more prepared to notice (and create) new details.
3. Control
Lucid dreaming has several benefits, from controlling dreams (flying, exploring) to the practical (problem-solving, brainstorming) to the profound (self-actualization). If your goal is lucidity, this Lucid Dream Mask can help you get there.



  • Calming Night Light: Its¬†rear-facing LEDs serve as your touchstone to the waking world. Using a series of smart timers, light patterns are displayed throughout the night, targeting your REM cycles where dreams most often occur. The patterns can be as gentle or as jarring, as bright or as dim, and as fast or slow as you like.
  • Comfortable Wear:¬†The flexible circuit is protected by a 2-ply foam shell: a durable inner layer laminated with a cushioning soft foam outer layer. The foam inserts are aerated to allow for better airflow, reducing heat and sweat.¬†

  • Flexible Technology: The Mask's tech chip¬†is a durable but razor-thin flexible circuit that can be bent to the shape of your head without being damaged.¬†Lucid Dream Mask receives new settings via two pinhead-sized light sensors at the corners of the circuit.
  • Durable & Long-running: It can run for 5 months without any battery replacements, & can easily be replaced by cheap¬†CR2032 batteries.


  • Material: Soft Fabric Foam Shells + PCB
  • Size:¬†8.7 x 4.5 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 0.96 ounces
  • Color:¬†Black / Blue / Red / Yellow / White
  • Battery:¬†ÔĽŅCR2032 batteries (included)

Package Includes:

  • 1x Lucid Dream Mask
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x¬†CR2032 Battery