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Luxury Fountain Pen
Luxury Fountain Pen
Luxury Fountain Pen
Luxury Fountain Pen
Luxury Fountain Pen

Luxury Fountain Pen

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Enjoy the feel of a true luxury pen in your hand.

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Our Luxury Fountain Pen has a timeless classic appeal that's sure to add a tinge of grandeur to your writing tools.

DIANE'S CORNER: Fountain Pen Day - November 2, 2018

It's beautifully crafted in a mahogany metal body with intricate golden carvings and a decorated nib to give off an impressive finish. ✨

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Sign your documents or enjoy calligraphy in the most sophisticated pen. Snag one of these gems and have a Luxury Fountain Pen for yourself today.


⭐ ELEGANT DESIGN — Fascinating at a glance. Addicting at every stroke. A beautiful blend of both vintage and modern design, our Luxury Fountain Pen has a shining texture of red, black, and gold that's gorgeous and unique.

⭐ SMOOTH WRITING EXPERIENCE — Its fine nib has the advantage of strong flexibility and rich writing changes. It glides graciously on paper, perfect for signing important documents or just doodling.

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⭐ REFILLABLE INK — Ready-to-use pens without constantly dipping on ink! The Luxury Fountain Pen has a detachable cartridge for quick replacement or refills using regular ink bottles.

⭐ COMFORTABLE — It sits very well in the hand and very comfortable to write with. Doodle for hours just finding an excuse to use this! 


  • Material: Metal
  • Colors: Black/Red
  • Tip Length: 143mm / 5.6in
  • Nib: 0.5mm / 0.02 in
  • Ink: Compatible with ink cartridges and bottled inks 


1 x Luxury Fountain Pen