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Magnetic Compression Foot Sleeve


Suffering from achy feet and wanting to relieve your pain?

With this product, you can be on your feet as comfortably as possible!


The Magnetic Compression Foot Sleeve is a pair of compression socks that provide support and stability in your feet. This helps a lot when it comes to pain relief as it helps boost blood circulation in that area while reducing inflammation and swelling that can hinder your mobility. These features are great for physical exercises and recovering from leg and foot injuries.

The Magnetic Compression Foot Sleeve fits just like a regular sock. You can wear it with slippers, sandals, shoes, and boots. It is so lightweight and comfortable that you won't feel a noticeable difference at all, besides the amazing foot support of course. Going about your daily tasks and responsibilities has never been easier with our product!


  • PAIN RELIEF: The Magnetic Compression Foot Sleeve offers pain relief for your weary feet and arches by providing compression support. This improves blood circulation in your feet which in turn reduces lactic acid build-up. This product is helpful for recovering from leg and foot injuries and helps you in physical therapy.
  • COMFORTABLE: The Magnetic Compression Foot Sleeve is a comfortable fit. It is form-fitting, lightweight, breathable, and comfy enough that you can still go about your day-to-day business without any problems at all! It's just like wearing an extra layer of socks.
  • VERSATILE: The Magnetic Compression Sleeve can be worn almost anywhere you need it. You can use it during physical therapy, exercises, or even just your daily commute at work. Any time and any place that you feel your feet need support is when you should wear this product.


  • 2 x Magnetic Compression Foot Sleeve


  • Measurement: 5 x 5 x 0.7" (12.7 x 12.7 x 1.78 cm)
  • Material: nylon