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Magnetic Phone Holder and Fan


Enjoy a safer driving experience with this phone holder.

Not only is it safe, it's utterly cool and refreshing (literally)!


The Magnetic Phone Holder and Fan is a 2-in-1 convenient device that holds your phone for you with its powerful magnets while also functioning as an air freshener for your car. There is an aromatic strip in the device itself that wafts out a pleasant scent with the help of your car's air conditioner. So, not only does it hold your phone so you can focus on driving, it also makes your car smell super nice!

You simply slip the Magnetic Phone Holder and Fan onto your car's air conditioning. Make sure it's nice and secure! Then, simply move the device however you want as the device can rotate 360° for your ultimate convenience.

If you're looking for a sweet, new accessory for your car, then this might be just what you're looking for!


  • HANDS-FREE: The Magnetic Phone Holder and Fan features multiple magnetic buttons inside the device so it can properly hold your phone for you while you drive, making driving so much safer for you. With this gadget, you can take calls and texts, figure out directions, and so much more without taking your hands off the wheel.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Magnetic Phone Holder and Fan is a clip-on device, so you simply clip it on to the air conditioner of your car to attach it.
  • FRAGRANT: The Magnetic Phone Holder and Fan also features a fragrant strip inside the device that emanates a sweet scent all over your car. This feature is powered by your car's air conditioning, so simply turn it on and the perfume should start going around the car.
  • ROTATING: The Magnetic Phone Holder and Fan can be rotated around. This means that not only can you switch between your phone's portrait and landscape views, you can also rotate the fan around to help distribute the air freshener much quicker around the car!


  • 1 x Magnetic Phone Holder and Fan


  • Measurement: 5.71 x 3.94 x 2.17" (14.5 x 10 x 5.5 cm)
  • Material: ABS, PC