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Mushroom Night Light

Mushroom Night Light

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Bathe your home in marvelous light with this luminous mushroom!

This night light will definitely keep your kids company at night.



The Mushroom Night Light is a cute and adorable night light in the shape of a mushroom. It has smart-sensing LED lights that help to illuminate the room in a nice, golden light. This can be installed in your bedroom, bathroom, hallways, and any other places in your home that could do with some illumination at night. Simply plug it into your outlet and enjoy the sight of a mushroom poking out of your wall!

Grab the Mushroom Night Light for yourself today!




  • SMART-SENSING: The Mushroom Night Light has an amazing smart-sensing feature that helps it adapt to the brightness of the room. It automatically dims or turns off when it is bright and lights up brilliantly when the room is dark!
  • SOOTHING: The Mushroom Night Light is the perfect source of light to keep the monsters at bay! It is bright enough to cast the room in a calming and warm yellow tone but not bright enough to keep your children from their rest.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Mushroom Night Light can be installed by simply plugging the stem into your outlet! This can be plugged in the bedroom, the bathroom, the hallways, the nursery, and so many more rooms that contain an outlet!
  • AESTHETIC: The Mushroom Night Light is a beautiful night light that's going to bring some quirkiness into your life! It is shaped like a mushroom that's growing out of your wall. This is a night light that's definitely a lot cuter than a conventional night light and would delight people of all ages!




  • Measurement: 3.15 x 3.94" (8 x 10 cm)
  • Material: polycarbonate




  • 1 x Mushroom Night Light