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Needle Meat Tenderizer


Who doesn't love a fancy steak dinner that just melts in your mouth?

Now, you can create a plate of your own in the comfort of your own home!


The Needle Meat Tenderizer is a valuable kitchen tool that helps you tenderize your meats. Rather than pounding on it like a regular tenderizer, this product actually pierces deeply through the meat. So, not only does it break apart connective tissues in the meat, it also makes it much easier for sauces to permeate through. When you use this device, you'll get tender and flavorful meat that will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Simply place the meat to be tenderized on a cutting board and put the Needle Meat Tenderizer on top. Push down to pierce through the meat with the tenderizer's forty-eight (48) stainless steel blades. Do this until the whole slab is covered with pierce marks. Season to perfection and cook it the way you want. It's that simple!


  • CONVENIENT: The Needle Meat Tenderizer efficiently breaks down and cuts through the meat's connective tissue so you will never have to suffer through tough and chewy cuts again. Instead, you're going to have meat that's tender and easy to chew.
  • FLAVORFUL: The Needle Meat Tenderizer pierces deeply through the meat, allowing it to absorb marinades much better. What you'll end up with is a juicy piece of meat that is flavorful in all areas rather than just the outside. Enjoy restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of your own home!
  • VERSATILE: This can be used on a variety of meats like beef, pork, veal, lamb and chicken. This tool will enhance the flavors of a lot of dishes, so feel free to experiment and cook whatever your heart desires!
  • TIME-SAVING: Reduce cooking by up to 40% with the Needle Meat Tenderizer! This allows the heat to cook your meat quicker and much more evenly than without the tenderizer, thus saving you valuable time.
  • DURABLE: Made with 48 stainless steel blades, the Needle Meat Tenderizer is extremely strong and durable. It would have to be to cut through the toughest of meats! It is built to last and will remain sharp for a long while.


  • 1 x Needle Meat Tenderizer


  • Measurement: 5.91 x 4.33 x 5.12" (15 x 11 x 13 cm)
  • Material: stainless steel