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Pocket Self-Defense Sticks
Pocket Self-Defense Sticks
Pocket Self-Defense Sticks
Pocket Self-Defense Sticks

Pocket Self-Defense Sticks

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You can never be too safe, so always take precaution!

This product will give you a chance to defend yourself effectively.


The Pocket Self-Defense Stick is a collapsible metal pole. When tucked in, it is so small and compact that you can put it inside your pocket or your purse. When extended, it becomes a metal pole that is almost four (4) feet long and quite dangerous when wielded around. This is the perfect tool for self-defense in case of emergencies!

To activate the stick, simply press the buckle on one end of the Pocket Self-Defense Stick to release. It should expand quite quickly, enough to startle whoever you're defending yourself against. It is super easy to use and definitely something you'd want to have with you at all times for a peace of mind.

Grab one now.


  • PROTECTIVE: Protect yourself from unwanted happenings with the Pocket Self-Defense Stick. This product extends itself into a 3.61 ft (1.1 m) metal pole that you can use to defend yourself until professional help arrives. You never know when you're going to need something like this!
  • COMPACT: Standing at a mere 0.98 x 2.36" (2.5 x 6 cm), this amazing Pocket Self-Defense Stick is small enough to fit in your pocket or your purse. Take it around with you wherever you go and simply pull it out and release whenever you need it!
  • EASY TO USE: To extend the Pocket Self-Defense Stick, you'll need to position your hands just right. The steel rod must be between your pointer finger and thumb while fitting snugly in your palm. Press the buckle of the device to release. Be careful not to get hit while it extends!
  • DURABLE: Made with high-quality metal materials, the Pocket Self-Defense Stick is sturdy and will not break easy. This is definitely built to last you a long time.


  • 1 x Pocket Self-Defense Stick


  • Measurement: 0.98 x 2.36" (2.5 x 6 cm)
  • Length: 3.61 ft (1.1 m)
  • Material: Metal