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Refrigerator Dust Cover


Never knew you needed this until now, didn't you?

This is sure to make cooking and doing the laundry so convenient!



The Refrigerator Dust Cover is a simple yet elegant cover that you can place on your fridge, washing machine or dryer to make things more convenient for you. It features several pockets that you can use to hold your items while you go about doing your chores. Grab one for yourself today and see the world of difference it'll bring to your home.




  • CONVENIENT: The Refrigerator Dust Cover comes with several pockets that you can fill with commonly used items for easier access. In the kitchen, for example, you can use the pockets to hold your spices, cooking utensils, or plastic bags! In the laundry room, it can be used to hold your detergent or clothing pins. It's very convenient!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Made with high-quality PEVA, the Refrigerator Dust Cover is dustproof, waterproof, and stain-resistant. The material is also easy to wash. This will provide you the ultimate protection for your appliances from dirt and dust! 
  • AESTHETIC: Add a touch of color into your home with this product. It comes in five beautiful styles that is sure to brighten up the room. Not only is it useful and convenient, it is also beautiful!
  • VERSATILE: This Refrigerator Dust Cover doesn't just go on your fridge. It could also go on your washing machine, dryer, or even just a small cabinet. The product is 21.26 x 51.18" (54 x 130 cm) and will fit most household items.




  • 1 x Refrigerator Dust Cover


  • Measurement: 21.26 x 51.18" (54 x 130 cm)
  • Material: PEVA