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Silicone Stretchable Lids
Silicone Stretchable Lids
Silicone Stretchable Lids
Silicone Stretchable Lids

Silicone Stretchable Lids

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Keep your leftovers fresh and crisp for another day!

This is an environmentally-friendly kitchen device that is sure to save you lots of food and money!



These Silicone Stretchable Lids are a packet of six different-sized lids that you can put over most containers in your household. They are used to seal and protect your leftovers from going stale or bad. They can also protect your food from pesky insects that could contaminate your food!

These Silicone Stretchable Lids are great as they're a more eco-friendly alternative to one-use plastic. Plus, they're incredibly easy to clean after every use so that you can use them for as long as possible. They're built to last your usual wear and tear and all kinds of temperature! What more could you ask for?




  • EASY TO USE: Simply choose the most appropriate size for the container you need sealed. Make sure that the container is completely dry to ensure an airtight seal! Stretch the lid over the container until everything is covered and you're done!
  • VERSATILE: These Silicone Stretchable Lids are compatible with most, if not all, containers! Use this for bowls, pots, cups, cans, or even half a fruit!
  • SAFE: They are made with food-grade silicone that is completely safe for you and your family. It's odorless and non-toxic!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The Silicone Stretchable Lids are easy to clean after every use. They are even dishwasher safe!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Never waste food again! Keep your leftovers fresh and clean without needing disposable aluminum foil or cling film that contributes to environmental waste.
  • DURABLE: These lids are strong and secure no matter how many times they've been used! They're also resistant to hot and cold temperatures, making them usable even in the refrigerator or microwave.




  • 6 x Silicone Stretchable Lids


  • Measurement: 2.56, 3.74, 4.13, 5.71, 6.50, 7.87" (6.5, 9.5, 10.5, 14.5,16.5, 20 cm)
  • Material: food-grade silicone