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Sticky Scratch Protector
Sticky Scratch Protector
Sticky Scratch Protector
Sticky Scratch Protector
Sticky Scratch Protector
Sticky Scratch Protector

Sticky Scratch Protector

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Keep your kitty's claws away from your furniture!

Simply stick this on and save your stuff from damage!



The Sticky Scratch Protector is a roll of one-sided tape that every cat owner should definitely have in their home. Stick this anywhere in your home to prevent your kitty from getting their claws in there and damaging it! It's easy to apply, sticks on very well, and will remain intact no matter how stubborn your feline friend is.

Get the Sticky Scratch Protector for yourself today!




  • PROTECTIVE: The Sticky Scratch Protector serves as a protective barrier between your furniture and your kitty's sharp claws. This will deter your cat from scratching on your furniture as they will not have anything to latch on! Say goodbye to claw damage forever!
  • EASY TO APPLY: The Sticky Scratch Protector is as easy to apply as regular tape. Start off by cleaning the surface as best as you can to ensure the product adheres as well as possible. Then, unroll the product bit by bit until you've got the right amount you need. Stick the tape on and smooth it out to get rid of any air bubbles. It's as easy as that!
  • INCONSPICUOUS: The Sticky Scratch Protector is completely transparent and will not be totally obvious once applied on your furniture. This will not ruin the overall look of your furniture and will definitely take your cats aback when they try and scratch the upholstery!
  • ADJUSTABLE: The Sticky Scratch Projector is measured at 2.5 x 393.7" (6.4 x 1000 cm). There is definitely more than enough to go around your house! The tape itself can be cut into smaller shapes to fit around your furniture better and cover more surface area.
  • SAFE: Even with the adhesive, the Sticky Scratch Protector will not damage your furniture at all. It works on materials of all kind like wood, suede, leather, and so much more! The product itself is also hypoallergenic and made with safe materials that will neither harm you nor your kitties.




  • Measurement: 2.5 x 393.7" (6.4 x 1000 cm)
  • Material: tape




  • 1 x Sticky Scratch Protector