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The Shaving Apron
The Shaving Apron
The Shaving Apron
The Shaving Apron
The Shaving Apron

The Shaving Apron

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Shaving your beard can get really messy real quick. 😩

That's why you need something that can catch all those pesky hairs before they end up all over the sink and floor! 👀





Introducing The Shaving Apronthe polyester apron that makes for a neat and tidy shaving experience. This product catches all your facial hair as you shave, making cleaning an absolute breeze.

Treat yourself like the gentleman you are by ordering one now! 🕺




  • EASY TO CLEAN: This product is made of top-quality polyesternot one facial hair will remain on it once you're through cleaning it! The fabric is also soft enough that it lies comfortably on the skin.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply stick The Shaving Apron onto your mirror with its suction cups, and tie the other end around your neck. That's it! It's now ready to use. Once you're done, simply untie and pop off The Shaving Apron and dispose of the hairs properly.
  • EASILY KEPT: It can be easily folded. This definitely won't take up valuable bathroom sink space, and it's even lightweight enough that you can carry it around with you while you're traveling! 🛫
  • TIME-SAVER: Get used to shorter clean-up times because The Shaving Apron catches all your facial hair before it can make a mess all over your bathroom. This will be perfect if time is of the essence for youthe less time you clean up, the more time you have to take care of more important business. 😎
  • A PERFECT GIFT: Need a gift for your dad, brother, granddad or boyfriend? It must be your lucky day, you just got one. 😎


Package Details

  • 1x The Shaving Apron


  • Measurements: 51.18 in x 32.28" (130 x 82 cm)