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Ultra Ceramic Car Coating

Give your car the best protection it can afford with this product!

This product is so easy to apply and is very damage-resistant and waterproof.



The Ultra Ceramic Car Coating is a set of items you need to give your car the best protection ever! It comes with the coating itself, a towel to help dry your car, a sponge used to apply the coating all over your car, as well as detailed instructions to make your job much easier.

Grab our Ultra Ceramic Car Coating today!




  • PREVENTIVE: The Ultra Ceramic Car Coating gives your vehicle excellent scratch resistance and high abrasion resistance. This is the perfect coating to use to protect your car from the elements like snow and sleet as well as other things that could damage your car like gravel and sand.
  • WATERPROOF: The Ultra Ceramic Car Coating is a hydrophobic solution that actually repels water. This prevents dry water stains from appearing on your car and also keeps it neat and clean for as long as possible!
  • EASY TO USE: The Ultra Ceramic Car Coating is very easy to apply. Simply clean your car thoroughly beforehand and let it dry completely. Then, put a few drops of the coating onto your sponge and start coating your car in vertical and horizontal motions. The coating should be dry within 48 hours.
  • DIVERSE: The Ultra Ceramic Car Coating can be applied all over your car including the entire painted surface, your wheels' rims, and your car's lamp cover. This gives your car as much protection as it can afford at an affordable price!
  • SAFE: The Ultra Ceramic Car Coating is made of non-toxic, harmless and environmentally-friendly ingredients that are totally safe for use around you and your car. We only want what's best for you!




  • Material: inorganic nano-quartz crystal plating 
  • Net Weight: 1.01 fl oz (30 mL)
  • PH Tolerance: PH2-12




  • 2 x Ultra Ceramic Car Coating
  • 2 x towel
  • 2 x sponge