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Wearable Towel Dress
Wearable Towel Dress

Wearable Towel Dress

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A dress and a towel at the same time? How is that possible?

This is such a cute dress that is also super useful!


Who said fashion was never useful? This stylish and chic Wearable Towel Dress is a dress and a towel combined into one fashionable clothing item. You simply slip an arm forward into one of the straps, wrap the other end around the back, and then slip your other arm forward into the other strap. No longer do you have to take around heavy towels with you—all you need is this product.

The towel itself is very absorbent. It hides sweat stains and water spills very efficiently, which is a lifesaver when you live in tropical climates! It is also super comfortable as the towel is made of Dacron and spandex that is soft and easy on the skin. Get yourself a dress that is sure to wow today with your very own Wearable Towel Dress.


  • ABSORBENT: The material this product is made of is highly-absorbent and functions just as well as a regular towel. Now, you won't have to worry about sweat leaking through your clothes or water spills! You could even wipe your hands on this after you wash your hands.
  • COMFORTABLE: Made with Dacron and spandex, the Wearable Towel Dress is very soft on the skin and is very easy to wear. It will not irritate your skin as you wear it, so feel free to wear it for as long as you need to.
  • CONVENIENT: Needing a towel and a dress at the same time? Why not just combine it, especially if you're heading out for a swim? Taking a towel along can be a bit of a hassle so the Wearable Towel Dress is an easy alternative. Once you're done swimming, wrap the dress around yourself to get dressed and dry yourself off!
  • STYLISH: How many people can say that they have a towel that also functions as a dress? The Wearable Towel Dress is a very stylish and cute clothing item that looks like a wrap-around dress with spaghetti straps. This is a very cute outfit to wear if you're heading to the beach or just a day outside in the sunshine!


  • 1 x Wearable Towel Dress


  • Measurement: 55.19 x 27.56" (140 x 70 cm)
  • Material: 90% Dacron, 10% spandex