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Zip Top Reusable Containers


Looking to save money, food, and the environment at the same time?

These food containers are so handy and convenient you'll never look back!


The Zip Top Reusable Containers are a package of seven baggies that you can use to store your food. It comes in a small, medium and large to suit your every need. They are made with food-grade PEVA that is washable and reusable. This means that you can eliminate the need for one-use plastic and play a part in protecting the environment! You'll find that you'll also save some money in the long run and be better about organizing your fridge.

These Zip Top Reusable Containers are great because they are leak-proof and spill-proof. Whatever you place in there stays in there until they are opened again! Save your leftover food for the next day or store homemade food for lunch with these handy food containers. 


  • EASY TO SEAL: The Zip Top Reusable Containers are very easy to seal—simply run your fingers across the mouth of the container to keep all the contents in! These bags are very effective in keeping your solids and liquids in, so feel free to stick leftovers in the fridge or put homemade lunches for school or work!
  • REUSABLE: The Zip Top Reusable Containers are so environmentally-friendly as it eliminates the need for plastic entirely. You can easily wash these containers after every use and they'll be ready to go again! They are made extra thick to prolong its durability.
  • SAFE: The Zip Top Reusable Containers are made with food-grade PEVA that is completely safe for you to use. It is non-toxic and odorless, so don't worry about storing your food in them! It will not affect its taste and edibility at all.
  • SPILL-PROOF: These containers feature double zipper designs that effectively keep the contents within no matter how the containers are handled. Keep your kitchen as clean as it can be by storing food in these containers instead of using one-use plastic or messy aluminum foil. It is also perfect for placing in coolers for picnics or in your car for some snacks.


  • 2 x Zip Tone Reusable Containers (small)
  • 3 x Zip Tone Reusable Containers (medium)
  • 2 x Zip Tone Reusable Containers (large)


  • Measurement
    • Small: 8.66 x 4.72" (22 x 12 cm)
    • Medium: 8.66 x 7.09" (22 x 18 cm)
    • Large: 8.66 x 10.24" (22 x 26 cm)
  • Material: food-grade PEVA